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Another reason that writers might refuse an online purchase because they don’t trust us. Many writers are skeptical of online scams. They may think it is easy to con people and that they can profit from the sale of company information. It’s not the case. We trust that you the customer, will verify all information before proceeding. So if we don’t have any information about you’ve claimed your identity was stolen Do not hesitate to report the incident.

Essays for sale via mail programs often offer a guarantee or a money-back guarantee. These guarantees are designed to help the seller protect themselves and the integrity of the essay offered for sale. Sometimes, the guarantee is given because the writer has clearly copied content from a different source. In other cases, the guarantee is offered due to the fact that the author has acknowledged he copied the content in various ways. It doesn’t matter what, it’s recommended to ask questions. It’s not enough to assume that the other person doesn’t know that you’ve copied something from him. Plagiarism is a crime and, if discovered can tarnish an academic reputation.

Some writing experts are reluctant to take responsibility for online transactions in business. They fear they’ll be caught by Google and other search engines. This is a legitimate worry. However you can avoid being banned by using sites that offer original work. Websites that sell writing services and essays must prominently provide the contact information of the author. This lets readers reach the author with questions or concerns.

Don’t let fear of Google prevent you from buying essays on sale online. Rather, use your common sense and good judgement. It is not a surprise by someone who sends you an essay you find interesting. Make use of a high-quality copy editor and a scanner to scan your documents.